Jablká & Doom Vol​.​1

Compilation of seven doom bands from Slovakia released on a limited MC tape

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#1 // Therapist – Zbrane Hromadného Myslenia

#2 // Sløn – Søcky a Sabbath

#3 // Samsara – The Letter About Knowledge

#4 // Ničiteľ – V Chorých Rukách 05:02

#5 // Old Tomb – A Search and an Invocation

#6 // Möbius feat. Ma Rie – Naveky Nasratý (Beton cover)

#7 // FAT – Phabaj

Boiling Point Shows after 2 years!

26 songs in one video – BARRIGA DE VERME!

Barriga De Verme Teaser

AFR#008 – Barriga De Verme out soon!

AFR#007 is OUT NOW!

Check the release page info here.

AFR#007 Sneak peak preview

If you miss the news!

New release AFR#006 is out now!


It’s been a while since that you hear anything from Analog Freaks Camp. That doesn’t mean we don’t have any news! We were working on two next releases which one is already finished and ready to be released! Our newest release with catalog number AFR#006 is a tape cassette which contains two different but similar musical pieces. So this is the first time in history that we are releasing a tape with two different sides! The first side is occupied by Czech doom/sludge band called Blues for the Redsun with their almost twenty minutes long opus Deadspace/Knocking On The Cemetery Gates. The second side is more gloomy and ambient oriented with a lot guitar drone landscaping tones. Actually it is an remix of Deadspace/Knocking On The Cemetery Gates from Slovak one-man artist called Omm or O /\/\ /\/\So you can choose your favorite side! One for morning another for evening!

This release is just 80 copies made by hand with silk screen printed cover on heavyweight golden paper. Black tapes housed in AFR custom designed paper cover. More info about release and ordering you can find in our release section here


New Analog Freaks releases for this year…

We are already working on the new releases! The first one AFR#006 will be a cassette tape release from Czech sludge doom band Blues for the Redsun with their last year recorded single Deadspace / Knocking On The Cemetery Gates. This release will also have a special guest – O /\/\ /\/\ from Slovakia who remixed drone ambient version of the single. All tapes will be housed in paper covers with all usual AFR art standards. Stay tuned for more information!

The second one AFR#007 will be a 7″ split record of two fresh Slovak powerviolence acts Mental Tension and Medication TimeBoth bands already have some pretty intense demos out there,  so you can look forward to some new and fast stuff here. This release will be done in cooperation with Badluck Records.