Undoubtedly, middle age crisis is an issue for many aging men. Weight is going up, hair is falling out and people start thinking about their life. Some buy a motorcycle, take up golf, or break up with their wife and end up with a teenage girlfriend. Three onion worshippers from 7 Minút Strachu decided to fight it with annihilating noise. With just two bass guitars and drums, they create noise core which holds no hostages. They´ve existed for three years and put out shitloads of releases, played lots of gigs and even played at OEF. In a few days, they´re going to tour Japan. This tape we´re releasing contains their recording session mutated by another noise enthusiast Drén. Surely, an interesting combination of industrial noise, distorted bass and manic drumming (which resembles carpet bombing of Tokyo) is a result of their collaboration. The first 25 tapes come with a bonus. It is a set of earplugs, which will hopefully prevent your loved ones from any mental harm caused by this cacophony.

Fuck riffs! Fuck noise!

Edition of 100 tapes with silkscreen printed heavy paper cover. Limited pre-order edition includes earplugs.

  • 100 black tapes