AFR#006: Blues for the Redsun & OMM – Deadspace/Knocking On The Cemetery Gates


This tape cassette release contains two different but yet similar musical pieces. For the first time in history we are releasing a tape with two different sides! The first side is occupied by Czech doom/sludge band called Blues for the Redsun with their almost twenty minutes long opus Deadspace/Knocking On The Cemetery Gates. The second side is more gloomy and ambient oriented with a lot guitar drone landscaping tones. Actually it is an remix of Deadspace/Knocking On The Cemetery Gates from Slovak one-man artist called Omm or O /\/\ /\/\. So you can choose your favorite side! One for morning another for evening!

Edition of only 80 copies made by hand and hand numbered with silk screen printed cover on heavyweight golden paper. Black tapes housed in AFR custom designed paper cover.