AFR#008: Barriga De Verme – Barriga De Verme

Choosing an extreme path but without interfering with anyone. Absolute chaos but in harmony. This was the main idea we imagined when we decided to do this project. Challenge here was not to be technically proficient and create a masterpiece but to liberate your mind and be yourself. We tried to capture the first instinct that came in our mind when we were recording. This music is almost a metaphor for freedom from all the boundaries and disciplines we create that sometimes persuades us to not be a human. If one is truly free, the happiness is automatic and the creation ensues is more clear and beautiful than anything that they created.

  • Diwas Gurung (Nepal) – Guitar
  • Labi Shrestha (Nepal) – Synth/Noise
  • Colin Marston (USA) – WARR Guitars
  • Elaine M( Canada)_ Organs
  • Aaron Nichols (USA) – Noise/Vocals
  • João Silveira (Brazil) – Guitar/Vocals
  • Barata Thiago (Brazil) – Drums
  • Gobinda Sen (Nepal) – Drums
  • Surya Pun (Nepal) – Drums
  • Kshitiz Moktan (Nepal) – Guitar
  • Dipesh Hirachan (Nepal) – Vocals
  • Sanket Lama (Nepal) – Vocals
  • Dib Gurung (Nepal), Murrilo Palmer (Brazil) – Art collaboration
  • AAron Nichols (USA) – vinyl design
  • Engineered, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston @ Menegroth The Thousand Caves
Edition of only 80 copies made by hand and hand numbered with silk screen printed cover on heavyweight red paper. Red glitter tapes housed in AFR custom designed die cut paper cover/arigato jacket.

AFR#003 – Möbius – The Magic of Macabre

Tunes for this LP were recorded last year in Haderslev, Denmark with assistance of a friend Dominik. The result is a totally crushing wall of doom, which adds a lot to the excellent songwriting. The whole concept of the album is enriched by a guest string trio with a „coda“ composed solely for this LP, which closes the first song and bridges over A side of the record with the B side. The final mastering was made by almighty producer James Plotkin.

This material is released as an LP in 300 pieces on red-transparent heavy 180 gram vinyl. The cover is a thick cardboard gatefold printed with a silk screening technique on all four sides in a two colour combination of black and red. The appealing artwork was drawn by a talented young artist called Or.lock. Our friend Martin is in charge of the silk-screening business. We have cooperated on our previous releases with him and he’s done an amazing job.

This release is cooperation between:

On the Edge of Tartarus composed by Adam Paskuda and recorded by Ondrej at Nová Koncertná Sála Konzervatória v Žiline

  • Soňa Jurigová × violin
  • Paulína Belková × violin
  • Filip Halečka × cello

AFR#002 – Boiling Point

Edition of 200 7″ records with all handmade silkscreen printed recycled paper cover. Limited edition with AFR badge (available at release show 2nd/8/2013) includes pink version of cover, inlay and center label.

  • 25 pink colored paper/print – release show
  • 175 yellow colored paper/print
  • recorded/mixed and mastered by Blum MMXII
  • pictures

AFR#001 – Unattended Funeral

Edition of 100 all handmade tapes with silkscreen printed heavy paper cover. Limited pre-order edition includes white wrapper with blind-print.

First press:

  • 25 white painted – pre-order
  • 25 black painted – band copies
  • 50 transparent

Second press:

  • 100 black tapes with white „obi-strip“
  • pictures